In an ongoing effort to raise awareness of local organizations and services, the Dow Realty Group has committed to highlighting one such cause each month. Each of our team members has chosen one to focus on.


Turn up the Heat

Turn Up The Heat began as an idea to help families who struggle with heating their homes in the winter. As a back story, prior to my becoming a State Senator, I was a Town Administrator in a couple different towns and also doubled as the Welfare Administrator. I saw first hand how some families were challenged in the cold winter months to be able to afford to heat their homes. I also know first hand that our towns know who needs the help and how to get it to them in the quickest way. As a State Senator, I became aware of possible reduction in federal funds to the states.

With that in mind, I asked a small group of women if they would be interested in doing a fundraiser to raise $$ to help our neighbors. The original makeup of the group were women from three communities (Jeanie Forrester, Carol Gerken, Jodie Herbert: Meredith; Helen Heiner, Barbara Lauterbach: Center Harbor; Terry Jutton, Renee Speltz: Moultonborough). Our original corporate sponsors (which continue to today – in our 7th fundraiser) includes Mill Falls at the Lake, the Common Man, and the NH Electric Cooperative.

These funds are distributed to the three communities of Meredith, Center Harbor, and Moultonborough, helping many individuals and families who struggle through the cold winter months to keep warm. From the single elderly person on a fixed income, to the family with small children…neighbors are helping neighbors. The generosity of business sponsors, friends, and caring neighbors continues to inspire the committee to come back year after year to champion this wonderful cause.

Our first year’s goal was $5k. Every year since then we’ve grown the amount we’ve raised and at this point, we’ve raised over $125k. We’ve grown the committee membership to 17 members (all women). The committee members each pay for a ticket ($100) to the “thank you” party always held at Church Landing, the first Monday of February. They also contribute an item or two to the amazing basket that we give away at the end to the lucky ticket holder to the event. And we’ve grown our business sponsor list to 21 from 3. This year’s most generous sponsor was MVSB with a $5k sponsorship. Members of the community also contribute.

We are a very efficient group, knowing we are all very involved on different committees and groups, we meet once to organize, once to put the invitations together, attend the event, and then meet once again to write thank you notes.

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1K Endurance Race a Success

On Saturday June 24th a crowd of supporters in Wolfeboro rallied around a great cause during the Dow Realty Group’s 1K Endurance Event.  The event was a fun run for adults starting at Keller Williams Lakes and Mountains and culminating at Wolfeboro’s two local breweries, Beveridge Craft Beer and Lone Wolfe Brewing Company. The event brought in over $8,500.00 for the Child Advocacy Center of Carroll County (CAC) through participation fees and event sponsorships. 

CAC Board President, Scott Kinmond, noted that the 1K was, “by far the easiest and most enjoyable race I’ve ever participated in.” The one kilometer race brought participants through town onto Union Street for a stop at the Child Advocacy Center to refuel with a twinkie or some potato chips.  Participants then circled back to Main Street and were treated to a beer at each of the aforementioned brewing companies after their arduous trek through town. 

The organizer of the event, Adam Dow, says “Although we had a fun day and this was certainly a fun event we don’t want to lose sight of how serious and important the work of the Child Advocacy Center is for kids in our community.”  The Child Advocacy Center is a non-profit agency that provides a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team approach and skilled forensic interviewing services to aid in the investigation of child abuse cases in Carroll County.  These services are available and used by all of Carroll County’s Law Enforcement Agencies, the Carroll County Attorney’s Office and the Division of Children Youth and Families. For more information about the CAC please visit